Hide IP

Hide your IP

Your IP address acts as your physical address on the internet. It is the destination to which a website sends you data packages. Your IP address can be used to track you and spy on you. SnowHaze VPN hides your IP address and guards your privacy.

Protect against hacking

Hackers are trying to get your emails, credit card information, or passwords, for example, on public WLANs. Imagine a VPN as an encrypted tunnel that your traffic is sent through. The encryption prevents others from accessing your valuable data. With SnowHaze VPN, you can put your mind at rest as you are protected against various hacking attacks.

Hacking protection
Bypass censorship

Bypass censorship

When you travel abroad or use a public WLAN, some sites may be censored and not accessible. With SnowHaze VPN, it is possible to access censored sites and content on the internet. We even offer a VPN server that can bypass firewalls that try to restrict the use of a VPN.

Access content

Some content providers restrict the availability of their content to specific geographical locations. SnowHaze VPN offers VPN servers at many different places and allows you to access content that is blocked in your home country.

Bypass geoblocking
Private VPN

Most private VPN

With our patent-pending Zero-Knowledge Auth technology, SnowHaze VPN is the only VPN with a "privacy by design" approach. We do not require a user account and have a strict no-log policy. Don’t be offended, but as our user, we don’t want to know you.

Most secure VPN

SnowHaze uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect your traffic. We do not log anything, offer anonymous payment options, and don’t require user accounts. Thus, contrary to our competitors, we cannot leak/disclose our users’ data because we don't have any data.

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Secure VPN

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